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A family tradition
Father and son - Photo ceramics is a Family tradition
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A history of the company and general background information

For three generations, the name Rossato has been synonymous with photo ceramics of lasting quality.
Rossato was one of the first to pioneer photo ceramics in Italy and therefore in Europe.
The materials underwent years of laboratory testing in order to perfect the different stages of the process.
It should be remembered that over the same peroiod Europe went through two wars, the first and second world wars, and that it was very difficult to find sufficient supplies of the necessary materials of the experiments.

From 1945, demand for photo ceramics exploded (the second world war had ended and cemeteries were very busy).  It was in this period that colour photo ceramics first began to make their appearance.  Manual skill and dexterity were still an indispensable part of the process.  This is why even today, despite the blessings of modern technology, photoceramics is still essentially a craft industry.

Marketing and sales activity has won an important share of the European and since 1980, even of the North and South American and Far East markets.  The pioneering father, Giovanni Rossato, was in time joined by his son, Gianfranco and from 1980 by his grandchildren, Carlo, Paola and Laura.

After Giovanni's death, a company was set up that is jointly owned by Gianfranco, Giovanni's son, and his chldren, Carlo, Paola and Laura.  At the moment we coordinate the work of three workshops with whom we cooperate closely on technical, financial and business matters.  The manufacturing side is personally supervised by Gianfranco and Carlo. 

Quality has always been our watchword, which means that every single product is carefully scrutinized and certified.  The value for money that we offer has made us one of the world's leading manufacturuers.
No more than 0.05% of our total production is ever returned to us.  Colours, specially selected ceramic products and porcelain plates of superlative quality are used to create high quality photo ceramic products.

We have a select and loyal clientele not only in Europe but also in North and South America, Africa and the Far East.  Carlo Rossato looks after overseas customers relations.

Each day, every day, for generations we have improved our products and the service we provide to meet the needs of customers throughout the world.  And they in turn have rewarded us with their loyalty.
We are a firm that was in business yesterday and will be in business tomorrow.

Since 1957 we have also supplied our customers with different types of decorations in bronze, marble, synthetic marble and mosaic.

Since 1990 we have started working closely with marble workshops in Carrara.
These workshops provide us with monumental marble sculpture on religious themes which we normally supply to our customers.

We have established a reputation as an honest business all over the world.
"Rossato Giovanni S.r.l." - has been serving the death care industry since 1924 and selling Italian memorial products exclusively to monument retails, monument builders, funeral homes and cemeteries.

As a manufacturer-wholesaler, we deal exclusively through retailers.

The company is dedicated to the production of durable quality products that, like the granite stones where our pictures are mounted on, will endure for ages.

Carlo Rossato


We've been serving the death care industry since 1924 and sell exclusively to monument builders, retailers, funeral homes & cemeteries.

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