Monument portraits for cemetery headstones



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Monument portraits and cemetery headstones
Monument Portraits for cemetery headstones
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Portraits and pictures for monuments, niches, crypts, creamation urns and mausoleums

In the figurative sense, photography means to imprint the image of a thing or a person in the memory.

So it would appear that, in the cemetery, the photograph of the dear departed is destined to immortalize them in the eyes of future generations.

Monument portraits can be made from personal snapshots or professional portraits in either colour or black and white.

Black and white images can be colorized for adding beauty.

Optional decorative bronze frames are also available to complement the beauty of monument portraits.

We can change color values and redraw missing parts of the picture, isolate a person, replace or remove the background.

Two persons on one original picture will be done at no additional charge.

Heart shape - right end
Heart shape (Mod. B)
Right end

Heart shape - left end
Heart shape (Mod. B)
Left end

Oval shape with fillet border
Oval shape (Fillet border)

Oval shape with registry data
Oval shape (Registry data)

Monument portraits - shapes and sizes
For quality memorials, buy quality monument portraits.

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