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Mosaics - Art and design
(Mosaics of Venetian craftmanship - execution in Venetian smalti, gold, Vitreus paste and marble)

Mosaic art, extremely well-known in the past and particularly in the Roman and Byzantine periods is still considered to be a very efficient form of artistic expression, superior to many others for its chromatic effect, preciosity in material and unlimited endurance.

Today's photo porcelain production techniques are refined works of art that capture the spirit of our loved ones thru high quality reproduction of the image with stunning details.


Art. C
"Ultima Cena"
cm. 38x90
cm. 80x100


In following with the tradition of past mosaic artists, we are able to execute mosaics in every style.


Cemented on frames with brass back, the thickness is 2 cm.


Art. N
"Madonna con bambino"
cm. 60x40

Provided with 2 or 4 screw bolts
10 mm for fixing to granite




Everlasting works of art

Art. L
"Cristo Bizantino"
cm. 58x42

Mosaic pattern and design

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