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Photo porcelain materials and manufacturing techniques

Since 1924 we've used plaques in real porcelain (known as German porcelain).

Porcelain is a ceramic product made of a mixture of caolino and aluminium silicate, and when put in an oven at a temperature between 1250 and 1300 vitrify and become a frosted white material.

Photo-porcelain was invented by the Chinese between VII and VIII centuries B.C.  In Europe it began to be produced only in the XVII century.

"Porcelain is a natural material"

Rectangular plaques
Rectangular plaques Oval shaped plaques Oval shaped plaques

Digital Chrome Photo porcelain

With this new procedure, which uses "IMAGING" technology in addition to digital elaboration and airbush techniques, we've managed to transfer the original color photographs onto a compter.  By using a scanner we've developed slides for the four base colors.

After these slides are produced, they are printed on suitable base supports.
The four superimposed colors create a complete image.

At this point the image is transferred onto a porcelain plaque and baked at a temporature of more than 900C.
Now the durability and resistance properties of photo-porcelain have been added to a faithful reproduction of the color photograph.

Furthermore, we can confirm that the "FOUR-COLOR DIGITAL PHOTO-PORCELAINS" guarantee a better reproduction of the original photograph's details and colors.


Photo porcelain and photo ceramic specifications

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