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To assure you a good execution of your photo porcelain you have to:

  • Write clearly, if possible in capital letters
  • Do not apply stamps on the original photo; even if they are justifiable they sometimes cause difficulties and require repairs to the original photos.  Please limit them.
  • Make a copy of the orignal photo and indicate the modifications requested to avoid possible misunderstandings.
  • Specify if more photo porcelains have to be installed to the same monument; in this case we will execute similar backgrounds and match the images' size.
  • Indicate people's positions if there are photos with two or more subjects (in the absence of indications the woman will be on the left side).
  • Specify clearly if the photo porcelain must be vertical or horizontal.
  • In the absence of indications from vertical photos we will execute vertical photo porcelain, whereas from horizontal photos will result in horizontal photo porcelains.
  • Failing full details the photo porcelains are supplied oval, the same finish of the photo paper, size sm. 9x12, vertical, bust, with photographic (gold) fillet border.
  • Special instructions are requested for two or more people on the same picture.
    Failing details:
      a)  Photo papers with two or more people will be reporduced oval, horizontal, head and shoulders,
           cm. 9x12, with photographic gold fillet border.
      b)  Position of subjects will be the same as in the photo.
  • If you request to cut off a subject from dark backgrounds or from some particular details, to have something exact we will proceed on our best judgement and refuse responsibilities in case of contests from you or from your customer.
  • Do not send pictures with frame and glass.
  • Monument portraits in real porcelain have been our business and our profession since 1924.
    In the world we have a stable and honest business reputation: we are a firm that was in business yesterday and will be in business tomorrow.

Important specifications:

Using the new manufacturing system of photo-porcelain called "Four-Color Digital Chrome Photo-Porcelains" allows us to obtain good correspondence of shades between the original paper photo and the photo-porcelain.

However, due to technological limitations we cannot always obtain a total and perfect correspondence.
In fact, you must consider that different colors are used in creating a paper photo than in photo-porcelain.
A paper photo does not have to be guaranteed against atmospheric agents, and the colors are not baked over 800.

To guarantee durability of photo-porcelain through the years, and against exposure to bad weather, the colors of the photo porcelain are baked and permeate the plaque.
By baking, the colors assume a shade which does not always correspond to the paper photo.


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